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Welcome to my web page.

I'm studying for a baccalaureate in EET (Electrical Engineering Technologies), at PSU.


My Interest include:

Model Railroading
Computers  Labmice, WOWN
Robotics (4 year student member, and 8 year alumni of team 222)  FIRST    TAHS Robotics Team  Chief-Delphi 
Astronomy WB-PSU Observatory
Band (4 year member and  Web Master)   TAHS Tiger Marching Band
Model Rocketry NEPRA
Japanese  Culture


Unofficial Project Spring 2007

          My project during this semester was the aquisition and setup of the equipment to web cast the 10th Annual Pennsylvania Robot Challenge.  This project was successful.

Project Report & Instructions Fall 2005

          My project this semester is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller.  This will be used to monitor and control both the temperature and level of water in a storage tank.  The level in the tank will be maintained using a variable speed water pump, and the temperature will be controlled by turning sets of heating elements on or off to maintain a water temperature within a preset range.  The completed system will be used to monitor and maintain the temperature of the water in a tank, and will control the level of the water in the tank by turning a pump on when the water in the tank reaches a minimum level.  This project was chosen for its simple to assemble, yet challenging to program features.  Another reason this project was chosen because of our great interest in PLCs.  The finished project will be a prototype of a control system that could be used in industry to maintain constant level and temperature in a tank that feeds another process, such as a reverse-osmosis water-filter system that works best at a certain temperature.

          The PLC will gather information about the process through sensors attached to its inputs, which include, level, pressure, temperature, and flow rate.  The PLC will then make process changes based on its internal programming to maintain a constant level and temperature.  In order to do this the PLC will control outputs connected to motors, pilot lights, heaters, and valves.  Some of these inputs will connect through contactors, since the PLC has a limited current supply of ~10A@24VDC, and most of the outputs will run off 120VAC.


Project Report & Instructions Fall 2004

          My Honors EET project for the Fall. 2004 Semester is  a computer-controlled interface for the observatory.  This project will involve the design,, purchase, & assembly of an interface box, and installation of the interface with the existing dome motors.  When the project is complete, it will allow a person to turn the dome from any computer on campus.  Astronomy


Project Report & Instructions Fall 2003

          My Honors EET project for the Fall. 2003 Semester is  WiFi Antennas.  This project will involve the design,, purchase, & assembly of 2.4 GHz wireless antennas.
With these antennas I hope to extend the range of my  D-Link router by at least + 200'.  This will allow me to roam about my yard and stay connected to the internet and my Computers.
Update:    Antennas worked great. Antennas


Project Report & Instructions Spring 2003

          My Honors EET project for the Spring 2003 Semester is a model rocket launcher based on the "Titan II" missile silos.
This project will involve the design & assembly of an eight-digit code lock module, a presentable countdown timer module with digital readout, and a 2-Key arming system that will require two operators to turn two separate keys within 2-Seconds of each other to arm the timer.  These outputs will feed 5V relays that will control the operation of higher current relays connected to the launch pad ~ 50ft away from the operators.  This launcher will be used for the launching of completed rockets as part of a 4-H project this summer.
Update:    Project has been redone over summer 2005.  It is now fully PLC Controlled using a MODICON Premium PLC.




Space Shuttle Columbia Tribute



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