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      PARC XII Champions:  222,2753,1640

         Finalists:     1218,341,145

         Out of the PARC:   

          Top Seed:   222

   Volunteer Recognition: 

    Longevity (10 Years):     (5 Years):


The following people and organizations made PARC possible:

Tunkhannock Area High School - the use of the High School Gym & internet connection
Frontier Communications- Network Cables
Shinraikon.com & RevillusionsProductions.com - hosting the web cast & website management
A/V Crew - camera operation, setup, effects, and audio levels
Concession Stand Workers - all their hard work preparing and serving all the food and beverages throughout the day
Field Reset & Staging Crew - their commitment to keeping the event running on time
Referees - their unbiased judgments & decisions

Thanks to everyone who made PARC XII such a wonderful event.  We look forward to seeing you all next year.

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